About Us

Derived from a background of more than 35 years of Taxpayer Representation before the Internal Revenue Service, Streamlined LLC was created to offer: TaxClosure® and the TID Tax Score™.

Known as the TID Tax Score™, it helps lenders, employers, individuals and businesses better understand and appreciate applicants' and account holders' current IRS account status. Upon issuance, the TID Tax Score™ instantly identifies both patent and latent issues of additional risks as well as current and immediate problems that may need to be addressed when it comes to evaluating business or individual credit worthiness. On a personal level, the TID Tax Score™ identifies self-exposure to IRS compliance and adverse enforcement processes.

The IRS is unlike any other creditor in the United States of America as its power to take taxpayer's real or personal property through seizure and/or levy without judicial intervention is both unique and unparalleled. The TID Tax Score™ aggregates IRS data so the user can easily see a visualization of where the taxpayer stands. The TID Tax Score™ values start at 100 quality points and decreases based on any issues present within the IRS records of accounts. The TID Tax Score™ surveys, reports and scores each taxpayer’s compliance records, audit activity and any amounts currently due and owing.

There are many hidden factors that aren't easily uncovered by only looking at tax returns themselves. When deciding what to do about any existing IRS situation, information is everything, and with the TID Tax Score™, that information is right at your fingertips. Streamlined LLC created the TID Tax Score™ with one simple mandate: to bring about the immediate identification of potentially disruptive interventions that make for a better, safer future for all taxpayers, lenders and employers. We have accomplished this by building a product which delivers on the two most critical areas: complete IRS account status transparency and the ability to engage ongoing monitoring tools.